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PowerStore 5000T Storage

Dominate complex storage challenges with the Dell PowerStore 5000T. This high-availability, all-flash powerhouse features dual active-active nodes for maximum uptime and unmatched performance with NVMe technology. PowerStore 5000T tackles demanding workloads like real-time analytics and AI with ease. Say goodbye to storage silos; it consolidates block, file, and vVol data for simplified management. Built-in automation and machine learning keep operations smooth, freeing your IT team to focus on bigger goals.

Dell PowerStore 5000T Appliance


Max Drives: 96

Base Enclosure: A 2U, 2 node enclosure with twenty-five 2.5” NVMe drive slots

Max Raw Capacity: 898.56 TB

Max Block Volumes/Clones: 4,000

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The Dell PowerStore 5000T redefines high-availability storage. This powerhouse features dual active-active nodes, ensuring continuous operation for your mission-critical applications. No downtime translates to uninterrupted business processes and seamless access to your data – even during maintenance.

But performance isn’t sacrificed for availability. PowerStore 5000T leverages cutting-edge NVMe flash technology, delivering unmatched speed for demanding workloads. Real-time analytics, AI applications, and high-performance computing all benefit from the raw power of this all-flash solution.

PowerStore 5000T eliminates storage sprawl by consolidating block, file, and vVol data onto a single platform. This unified approach simplifies management, reduces complexity, and lowers overall costs.

Furthermore, intelligent automation takes center stage. Machine learning algorithms continuously analyze and optimize performance, ensuring efficient resource allocation and automated data management tasks. This frees your IT team from tedious maintenance, empowering them to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

The PowerStore 5000T seamlessly scales to accommodate your growing data demands. Whether you need increased capacity or performance, it can scale up within a node or seamlessly scale out by adding additional nodes.

With its unmatched availability, exceptional performance, and commitment to intelligent automation, the Dell PowerStore 5000T empowers businesses to achieve operational excellence and unlock the full potential of their data for a competitive advantage.


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