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Fortifying Your IBM Mainframes: A Comprehensive Manual for Security Maintenance

In today’s digital landscape, where cyber threats loom large and data breaches are a constant concern, maintaining robust security measures is paramount. Among the bedrocks of secure computing infrastructure stands the IBM mainframe, revered for its reliability, scalability, and stringent security features. However, ensuring the continued integrity of these mainframes requires diligent and proactive security […]

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Price Shopping for Data Center Maintenance

Price Shopping for Support? Throw Pre Rack IT’s Name in the Hat!

Every business, big or small, relies heavily on IT infrastructure, support services are the unsung heroes ensuring smooth operations. From troubleshooting technical glitches to strategizing for future scalability, the right IT support partner can make all the difference. However, with a plethora of options available in the market, price shopping for support can be overwhelming. […]

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What is Prompt Injection?

What is Prompt Injection?

Prompt injection emerges as a novel vulnerability impacting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models, particularly those reliant on prompt-based learning. These models respond to prompts provided by users, where the input influences the generated response. Analogous to SQL injections, malicious users can “inject” harmful instructions into prompts, thereby affecting the AI’s output. This […]

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What is Dell PowerStore and How Does it Compare to Unity

What is Dell PowerStore and How Does it Compare to Unity?

Demanding more agility and adaptability from data storage solutions, the digital landscape is ever-evolving. Traditional storage systems, often siloed and complex, struggle to keep pace with the dynamic needs of modern workloads. Enter Dell PowerStore, a revolutionary all-flash storage array designed to address these challenges head-on. This blog post provides info into the world of […]

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Employee Spotlight: Kevin Parrish

Meet Pre Rack IT’s VP of Sales, Kevin Parrish! With a proven track record in strategic planning and client engagement, Kevin leads our team with enthusiasm and expertise. Kevin’s strategic acumen and unwavering dedication propel our sales team to new heights of success. With a knack for forging lasting client relationships and a keen eye […]