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UK Veterinary Network CVS Targeted in Cyberattack

Operations at the UK-based veterinary services provider CVS Group are facing disruption due to an evolving cyber incident of undisclosed nature. This has led the organization to shut down key IT systems as a precautionary measure. CVS, listed on AIM (Alternative Investment Market), clarified that it is not affiliated with the American retail pharmacy chain […]

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IT Executives Balancing On-Premise and Cloud

IT Leadership Achieves Optimal On-Premise and Cloud Integration

Red Hat’s 2024 Global Tech Trends report, based on a survey of 706 IT leaders, reveals significant insights into the evolving landscape of cloud infrastructure utilization and IT management priorities. Organizations are increasingly finding equilibrium in balancing public and private cloud infrastructures, leading to a notable shift in IT management funding priorities compared to previous […]

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Meta Boosts GPU for AI

Meta Boosts GPU Resources in Preparation for General Intelligence

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, has reported a robust annual revenue of $134.90 billion, marking a 16% increase from 2023. The earnings for Q4 2023 and the full year underscore Meta’s dedication to enhancing its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and expanding its datacenter infrastructure. The company anticipates a tenfold increase […]

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Immersion Cooling: Deep Diving into its Benefits

Diving Deep: Exploring Immersion Cooling for Data Centers

In the ever-evolving world of data centers, the constant hum of servers and the whirring of cooling fans paint a familiar picture. But as technology advances and data demands soar, traditional air cooling methods are reaching their limits. This is where immersion cooling emerges as a revolutionary solution, promising to transform the way we cool […]

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Reasons Why Cloud is Not Always the Answer

Reasons Why ‘Cloud’ is Not Always the Answer

An increasing number of organizations are defaulting to the cloud and cloud storage for their new IT projects, adopting “cloud-first” or “cloud-preferred” strategies. This trend stems from the agility the cloud offers, particularly advantageous for startups and rapidly growing firms needing swift infrastructure development. Despite the widespread promotion of cloud benefits, it is not always […]

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Gartner predicts an 8% growth in IT spending for 2024

Gartner Predicts an 8% Global Growth in IT Spending for 2024

Global IT spending is anticipated to reach $5.1 trillion in 2024, marking an 8% rise from the previous year, as per the latest Gartner, Inc. forecast. Despite generative AI (GenAI) not yet significantly affecting IT expenditure, the broader investment in AI is fostering overall growth in IT spending. John-David Lovelock, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, […]

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