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Cisco Certified UCS Servers

Why pay full price when you can get hardware and Cisco SMARTNet at half the cost!

Pre Rack IT offers Certified Cisco UCS configured to order servers with significant cost savings compared to your rep or var. This can be especially attractive for businesses that are looking to stay within a tight budget or need to allocate funds to other critical areas of IT operations.

On average, the build time ranges from 3 to 5 days, whereas through Cisco direct it could take weeks or even months.

Where does Cisco Certified hardware come from?

    • Overstock and Canceled Orders – Completely operational items that have departed from the Cisco warehouse and may no longer be marketed as new.
    • Cisco Demo – Servers that have been provided to customers for demo/presentation intentions, such as trade shows and conferences.
cisco certified switches

UCS Models

B200 M6

B480 M5

B200 M5

B460 M4

B420 M4

B260 M4

B200 M4

B420 M3

B22 M3

B200 M3

B440 M2

B250 M2

B230 M2

B200 M2

B440 M1

B230 M1

Cisco Warranty & SMARTnet

All Certified equipment comes with a minimum of 5 Year 8x5xNBD Cisco warranty and can be uplifted to 3, 5 & 7 Year NBD or Mission Critical service levels.

Aggressive Pricing

Certified equipment is priced from 50-70% off of Cisco list pricing. Stretch your budget further while refreshing to the latest Cisco hardware.

Expedited Delivery

Cisco Certified stock can be built, configured, tested and delivered 50% faster than standard distribution. Many orders can ship the same day!

Quality Guarantee

All systems ship fully configured and updated with latest firmware and drivers. All equipment is burn-in tested by Cisco Certified technicians and guaranteed.

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