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NetApp FAS8000 Series Third Party Support Solutions

Establish Your Post-Warranty Support Plan for NetApp FAS8000 Series

NetApp FAS8000 series is a high-performance storage platform designed to deliver enterprise-class capabilities to organizations of all sizes. However, with the rising cost of IT infrastructure and support, many organizations are looking for alternative ways to manage their storage environments while keeping costs down. One such alternative is third-party support.

Third-party support for NetApp FAS8000 series can provide significant cost savings while maintaining the same level of support and service as the manufacturer. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of pre-owned NetApp FAS8000 series third-party support and why it may be the right choice for your organization.

What is third-party support?

Third-party support is a service provided by independent companies that offer maintenance and support services for IT products. These companies provide support for various IT hardware and software products, including storage, servers, and networking equipment. Third-party support providers can deliver the same level of support and service as the manufacturer, but at a lower cost.

Third-party support providers offer a range of services, including hardware maintenance and troubleshooting. They can also provide customized support to meet specific customer requirements. Third-party support providers can offer support for hardware that is no longer supported by the manufacturer, allowing customers to extend the life of their IT assets and maximize their return on investment.

Benefits of NetApp FAS8000 Series Third-Party Support

  1. Cost savings

The primary benefit of third-party support is cost savings. Third-party support providers offer support at a fraction of the cost of the manufacturer. This can provide significant cost savings for organizations that are looking to reduce their IT spending without compromising the quality of their support.

By choosing third-party support for NetApp FAS8000 series, organizations can save up to 70% on their support costs. This can be a significant amount for organizations that have large storage environments and require ongoing maintenance and support.

  1. Extended product life

Another benefit of third-party support is the ability to extend the life of IT products. Manufacturers typically have a limited support life for their products, after which they will no longer provide support or updates. Third-party support providers can continue to support products beyond the manufacturer’s end-of-life (EOL) date, allowing organizations to continue using their IT assets for longer.

This is particularly important for organizations that have invested heavily in their IT infrastructure and do not want to incur the cost of replacing their equipment prematurely. By extending the life of their IT products, organizations can maximize their return on investment and delay the need for costly upgrades.

  1. Customized support

Third-party support providers can offer customized support to meet specific customer requirements. This can include tailored service level agreements (SLAs) and support for specific software versions or configurations.

This is important for organizations that have specialized or unique requirements that are not covered by the manufacturer’s standard support offerings. By choosing third-party support, organizations can ensure that their IT infrastructure is supported according to their specific needs.

  1. Experienced support team

Third-party support providers typically have experienced support teams that are knowledgeable about a wide range of IT products and technologies. These teams are often made up of certified engineers who have extensive experience in supporting IT infrastructure.

By choosing a third-party support provider, organizations can benefit from the expertise of a dedicated support team that can provide timely and effective support. This can be particularly valuable for organizations that do not have the in-house expertise to support their IT infrastructure.

  1. Flexibility

Third-party support providers offer flexible support options that can be customized to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. This can include 24/7 support, on-site support, and remote support.

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