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IBM Power 8 EOSL Dates - March 2024

IBM Power 8 End of Service Life (EOSL): A Seamless Transition with Pre Rack IT Support

IBM has an upcoming End-of-Service Life (EOSL) date for the IBM Power 8 models on March 31, 2024. After this date, IBM will no longer offer support and maintenance for the following models:

  • Power System S822 (8284-22A) – 3/31/24
  • Power System S824 (8286-42A) – 3/31/24
  • Power System S824L (8247-42L) – 3/31/24
  • Power System S812L (8247-21L) – 3/31/24
  • Power System S822L (8247-22L) – 3/31/24

This can be a challenging situation for businesses that rely on their IBM hardware. Upgrading to newer models can be expensive, and continuing to use unsupported hardware can be risky.

Pre Rack IT: Your Trusted Support Partner

In the face of upcoming EOSL dates, organizations can turn to reliable third-party support providers to ensure a seamless transition without compromising on service quality. Pre Rack IT is one such company that specializes in offering comprehensive support solutions for a wide range of hardware, including IBM servers.

Key Benefits of Pre Rack IT Support

  1. Extended Hardware Lifespan: Pre Rack IT provides extended support beyond the manufacturer’s EOSL dates, allowing organizations to maximize the lifespan of their existing IBM Power hardware.
  2. Cost Savings: By choosing third-party support, organizations can often achieve significant cost savings compared to traditional OEM support contracts. Pre Rack IT offers flexible and cost-effective support plans tailored to the specific needs of each client.
  3. Experienced and Certified Engineers: Pre Rack IT boasts a team of experienced and certified engineers who are well-versed in IBM Power hardware. Their expertise ensures prompt and efficient issue resolution, minimizing downtime.
  4. Coterminous Contracts: Aligns timelines for convenient and simultaneous expiration, streamlining renewals efficiently.
  5. Multi-vender Agnostic: Ensuring compatibility, flexibility, and optimal performance across diverse equipment.
  6. Single Point of Contact: A single point of contact for support, hardware and professional services.

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As the industry transitions towards newer technologies, partnering with a reliable support provider like Pre Rack IT can help organizations extend the life of their IBM Power 8 hardware while maintaining operational excellence. By proactively addressing the EOSL challenge, organizations can focus on innovation and growth without compromising on the performance and security of their server infrastructure.