Case Study

Pre Rack IT Helps Pharmaceutical Company Combine It’s Data Centers and Save on Third Party Support


We came across Pre Rack IT from a cold call, we had been getting support for one of our older EMC SANs from 3rd party for several years. Our current vendor was sold to a larger provider, which we have used in the past and did not like. After talking with Pre Rack, they not only could support our SAN but he could also provide several other services that caught our eyes. 3rd Party hardware purchases (Cisco Switches, Dell Servers, and Fortigate Firewalls), Penetration Testing, Project Management and Data Center moves.

Then a new project came across my desk “Let’s combine Datacenters”. Our company has 5 different Data centers, let’s combine them down to 3. I did not hesitate on calling Pre Rack IT, they were more than willing to help us out. The move included disassembling EMC SANs, VMware hosts, Cisco Switches, and 1 GB network connectivity between Michigan and Georgia. Pre Rack IT took the lead on 95% of all our purchases, logistics, trucking and man power. We were under a very tight time table – 90 days, he was able to move around dates because of supply chain issues and network connectivity without concern or problem.


I would recommend Pre Rack IT for any part of 3rd party support or Project management, Pre Rack IT simply gets the job done. We came across an issue in ordering our Fortigate Firewalls, our usual vendors gave us a 60-90 day shipping date, I called Pre Rack IT; knowing they knew our tight time table, and he had them shipped 2 days later. 

Pre Rack IT was simply great to work with, we felt like we had a true partner. The data center move project was large, complicated and time sensitive. We had weekly meetings, the follow-up was first class, and the project finished ahead of schedule.

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How Can Pre Rack IT Help Your Company

Pre Rack IT specializes in flexible support, maintenance and warranty services for all major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) branded data center devices. We provide our customers with the support needed to extend the life of their equipment. Whether systems have been determined End-Of-Service Life (EOSL) or the equipment has reached its original out of coverage date, we can extend the support at a much lower cost.