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Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned IT Hardware

As technology is evolving, it’s putting massive pressure on budget availability. Therefore, IT professionals look for alternatives to keep their expenses under control. Various companies offer high-quality storage, networking, server, and other tech gadgets at a reasonable price. According to Gartner, you can save 40-70% of your company’s money by purchasing pre-owned equipment from the secondary market. So, in this article, we’ll share the advantages of buying pre-owned IT hardware. 

10 Advantages of Buying Pre-Owned IT Hardware

After reading the following benefits, you’ll understand why you should buy pre-owned IT hardware.

  1. Cost Saving

The main benefit of buying pre-owned IT hardware is the lower purchase value. You’ll not have to pay full price for the IT equipment, and with a limited budget, you can purchase more. For example, you can acquire more units, buy equipment with better specifications, and save money for marketing purposes. 

  1. Customizable Products

Buying pre-owned equipment is not only affordable, but they’re also easy to customize. When you acquire products from a reliable seller, they offer configure-to-order services. As a result, you can customize your products according to your company’s needs. It will improve your employee’s productivity, and you can generate more revenue and profit. 

  1. Easily Available 

Pre-owned IT equipment is immediately available. Moreover, they’re easy to deploy. On the other hand, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) usually experience longer lead times. 

  1. Find Best Fit for Your Organization

Companies might be producing IT equipment with advanced features, but there is a possibility that the product might still lack features that your organization needs. Therefore, when companies buy pre-owned IT hardware, it allows them to find the best fit for their organization. 

  1. Preserve Natural Resources 

Manufacturing IT hardware doesn’t only require labor and materials; it also requires massive energy and natural resources. Therefore, buying pre-owned IT hardware can help preserve these natural resources and help keep the environment clean. 

  1. Quick Customer Support

When you acquire equipment with desired features, you can quickly reply to customers. They can enjoy personalized experiences. This strategy can help, especially if you’re just starting to build a customer base. 

  1. Reduced e-waste 

Unfortunately, e-waste is a global crisis. It results in almost generating 50 tons of waste every year. So, you can play your part in reducing e-waste by purchasing pre-owned IT hardware. More importantly, it will reduce the burden on OEMs for producing new hardware. 

  1. Spare Parts Availability

The secondary market doesn’t only sell networking equipment, servers, and storage; they also have readily available spare parts. Moreover, they ensure that if any hardware get’s broken it can be fixed quickly because you can purchase spare parts from the same supplier. 

  1. Save Money on Shipping

When you order new equipment, you pay massive shipping costs, but in contrast, when you acquire refurbished hardware, you get this equipment quickly and at a lower shipping price. Companies offering these services have warehouses around the globe, so you can quickly and cheaply get them to any location. 

  1. Excellent Support and Warranty 

OEMs provide support for only a specified timeframe. But when you buy pre-owned IT hardware from a reseller, they ensure that you’ll continue to get all the tech support whenever you need it. It’s perhaps the most significant advantage of buying pre-owned IT hardware. 

Final Words

Now you understand the advantages of buying pre-owned IT hardware. Pre Rack IT is a reputable seller of pre-owned hardware that you can utilize to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Reach out today to see how we can help.

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