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Escape SMARTnet with Cisco Third Party Maintenance

Cisco specializes in developing and selling IT gear like networking hardware, telecommunication products, IoT products, data management, and other high-tech equipment. Many businesses use Cisco equipment due to its reliability. However, expensive OEM maintenance makes company owners choose Cisco third-party maintenance programs as they are more flexible and affordable.

What Is Cisco SMARTnet?

Technological advancement and complex business systems increase the possibility of technical failures. In such times, the IT staff is under tremendous pressure to fix the problem quickly while respecting the budget. SMARTnet is Cisco’s support solution. 

Cisco SMARTnet provides quick technical solutions giving your IT staff access to Cisco experts and resources. Networks are the lifeline of many businesses; therefore, hardware faults negatively affect revenue, productivity, and customer confidence. 

Moreover, keeping your staff updated with rapid technological changes is challenging. The below pointers further justify the importance of Cisco SMARTnet. 

Risk Analysis

Cisco SMARTnet helps detect and resolve security issues that badly impact the performance and reliability of your network. 

Staff Empowerment

Cisco support keeps your staff updated to improve operational efficiency. 

Quick Solutions

The tools and experts detect and solve the issue quickly, so it doesn’t significantly affect the organization’s continuity. 

How Is Cisco Smartnet Different from Third-Party Maintenance?

SMARTnet provides numerous advantages, but the complex contracts and costs make it unsuitable for some. Here is why exploring the Cisco third-party support and maintenance is a workable option.  

There are numerous service providers out there who offer technical support for cisco hardware. Moreover, they also provide maintenance services for outdated systems.

Benefits Of Cisco Third-Party Maintenance 

  • Affordability

The economy is the primary reason why users choose a third-party maintenance economy. Most OEMs take hidden charges and have complicated support contracts which affect your business strategy. According to a survey, SMARTnet alternatives are 50% to 70% cheaper than OEM support. 

Third-party maintenance helps you maintain your equipment at a reasonable expense allowing you to use the money in other business activities. 

  • One Contact Support

Investing in a trustable alternative maintenance program eases your efforts as you don’t have to find contractors whenever you face an issue. 

  • Increased Availability

Alternative service providers quickly source the equipment, ultimately preventing significant revenue losses. Moreover, they dispatch experts immediately after receiving the customer’s request.  

Extended Lifespan of Equipment

OEMs refuse to repair the equipment in outdated models. It causes significant challenges for the organization as the needed budget is mostly unavailable.

In the case of Cisco SMARTnet, the company provides a limited warranty that you need to renew after some time. Also, the company doesn’t repair outdated equipment. Therefore, experts prefer Cisco third-party support as it extends the life of out-of-warranty equipment. 

The Bottom Line

Cisco is widely known for its reliable and versatile equipment in major IT industries like networking, data management, security, etc.; these systems need maintenance solutions over time. 

Although Cisco provides a maintenance program called the SMARTnet, it has some limits. Firstly, you have to renew your maintenance contracts and pay hidden costs. Also, the company refuses to solve technical issues for outdated systems. 

In contrast, cisco third-party maintenance is a more economical option. These alternate programs repair out-of-warranty equipment quickly at a reasonable expense. Moreover, there are no complex contracts and hidden charges involved. 

Users say third-party maintenance is 50% less expensive than SMARTnet and other OEM services. Therefore, most companies prefer alternate service programs for EOL equipment. 

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