FAS2000 series capacity upgrades

FAS2000 Series Capacity Upgrades: No Need to Replace With the Latest Systems

The NetApp FAS2000 series is a popular storage solution for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that require reliable and scalable storage systems. As businesses grow and storage needs increase, it may become necessary to upgrade the hard drives and shelves within the FAS2000 series. While NetApp provides upgrade options, pre-owned hardware providers also offer viable alternatives. In this blog post, we will explore five reasons why SMEs should consider opting for NetApp FAS2000 series hard drive and shelf upgrades from third-party providers.

Cost Savings

The most significant advantage of opting for certified pre-owned upgrades is cost savings. NetApp upgrades can be expensive, especially for SMEs with limited budgets. Pre-owned hardware providers can offer significant savings, up to 50% or more, over NetApp upgrades.

In addition to the cost savings, pre-owned hardware providers offer flexible upgrade options tailored to the specific needs of the organization. These customized upgrade options provide a cost-effective solution that meets the organization’s unique requirements.

Access to High-Quality Components

Pre-owned hardware providers typically source high-quality components that are compatible with NetApp FAS2000 series storage systems. These components are often sourced from reputable suppliers and tested extensively to ensure they meet industry standards and provide reliable performance.

Access to high-quality components means that SMEs can upgrade their storage systems with confidence, knowing that they are receiving components that meet or exceed NetApp’s quality standards.

Improved Performance

Upgrading the hard drives and shelves within the NetApp FAS2000 series can significantly improve system performance. Pre-owned hardware providers can offer faster, higher-capacity hard drives and shelves that provide improved read and write speeds, reduce latency, and increase overall system performance.

Improved performance translates into a better user experience, increased productivity, and better overall system reliability.

Customized Upgrade Options

Third-party maintenance providers can offer customized upgrade options that align with the organization’s specific needs. This flexibility means that SMEs can choose the level of performance they require based on their unique requirements. For example, an organization may require high-capacity hard drives for storing large data sets, while another may require high-performance hard drives for faster access to critical data.

Customized upgrade options also mean that third-party maintenance providers can provide proactive maintenance and monitoring services. This proactive approach means that issues can be identified and resolved before they become critical problems that result in downtime or data loss.

Improved Scalability

Upgrading the hard drives and shelves within the NetApp FAS2000 series can significantly improve system scalability. Pre-owned hardware providers can offer higher-capacity hard drives and shelves that provide more storage capacity and enable SMEs to scale their storage systems as their business needs grow.

Improved scalability means that SMEs can continue to meet their storage needs without having to invest in a new storage system every few years. This translates into significant cost savings over time.

Available Netapp Shelves w/ Drive Types from Pre Rack IT

  • DS4246 – SATA / NLSAS / SSD
  • DS4243 – SATA / SAS / SSD
  • DS460C – NLSAS / SED
  • DS2246 – SAS / SSD
  • DS224C – SAS / SSD
  • DS212C – NLSAS


Upgrading the hard drives and shelves within the NetApp FAS2000 series can significantly improve system performance, scalability, and reliability. pre-owned hardware providers offer a cost-effective and flexible alternative to NetApp upgrades, providing SMEs with access to high-quality components, improved performance, customized upgrade options, and improved scalability.

If you are an SME that relies on NetApp FAS2000 series storage systems, it is worth considering certified pre-owned upgrades as a viable alternative to NetApp upgrades. The cost savings, improved performance, and improved scalability provided by pre-owned hardware providers can help your business meet its storage needs while staying within your budget.