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IBM Power Systems Maintenance Options

In 2019, IBM sent businesses a plan for Power7 (EOSL) support. In the same year, they also announced that you couldn’t order IBM Power8 or upgrade license because they’ll not market it anymore. These announcements have left businesses with a few options, such as they can upgrade to IBM Power9 whether their business needs it or not. 

Earlier generations of power systems, such as IBM Power7 and IBM Power8, are more reliable than the new ones and have years of useful asset life. So, if you’re looking to increase the lifecycle of these machines and reduce system maintenance costs, try IBM Power systems maintenance options. 

What Does IBM Hardware and Software Support Service Include?  

Hardware maintenance includes on-site repair or replacement of parts. Moreover, it includes debugging of parts. 

What Questions to Ask Your Server Maintenance Providers to Evaluate IBM Power Systems Maintenance Options?

If you have IBM Power8 or earlier generation equipment and you’re searching for IBM support options, ask the following questions from your IBM system provider. 

Do You Have Any Cost-Saving Opportunities?

IBM maintenance rates can be higher. Therefore, ask your service provider if they can provide any cost-saving opportunities for IBM Power systems. If they can provide 50% cost saving on IBM power systems maintenance options, then choose this service provider. 

Do You Have a Dedicated Lab for Research and Development of IBM Power Systems?

You can trust a Third Party maintenance provider if they have a dedicated lab for the research and development of each server family. 

Do You Provide Hand-on Training on IBM Power Systems to Your Engineers? 

Another benefit of choosing a third-party maintenance provider for the IBM system is they have hands-on training. If they’re only web-based trained, then don’t trust them. 

Do You Provide Engineering Support?  

If the maintenance service provider provides Level 3 support for IBM Power8 and earlier generation servers, you’re good to go. 

Are Your Contract Terms Flexible? 

When it comes to IBM power systems maintenance options, it’s the most important question to ask. The contract should be flexible. Ensure all your maintenance options are consolidated in one contract with multiple OEMs. 

Can You Extend the Life of IBM Power Systems? 

IBM stops supporting older products. They do this because they want their customers to upgrade to the newest products. But IBM power systems are highly reliable, so trained engineers can help you extend the life of the IBM system. Your selected service provider must be capable of supporting IBM Power8 and earlier generations. 


When considering IBM Power systems maintenance options, be sure to ask every question from your Third Party Maintenance service provider. By doing this, you can hire a reliable, expert, and independent service provider. Moreover, it can help you extend the life of IBM power systems. So if you need any help with your IBM Power system maintenance, get a quote or chat with us now.

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