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Upcoming Data Domain Storage EOSL Dates

Next Steps as EOSL for Data Domain Storage Approaches

With Q4 upon us, it’s a good time for data center managers to review their support arrangements for 2023. As usual, the end of the year is proving a popular juncture for OEMs to declare products end of support life, or EOSL. Among the hardware losing its manufacturer’s backing on October 31, 2022 is:

What Does EOSL Mean?

EOSL stands for End of Service Life when a manufacturer stops selling a particular piece of equipment. In most cases, they also quit providing maintenance services or updates after a specific date.  

What to Do if You’re Not Decommissioning Your Data Domain Appliances

Fortunately, Data Domain storage support solutions from Pre Rack IT can help you extend your Data Domain storage, just as we have for countless other storage products.

Our team’s unparalleled expertise in Data Domain maintenance, delivers the industry’s fastest service and best first-time fix rates. The end result—maximum Uptime.

Affordability & Flexibility

Especially important in the current environment, Pre Rack IT contracts are extremely affordable. Expect to pay about 60 to 80 percent less than you’re spending with EMC for the same SLAs.

What’s more, Pre Rack IT hardware maintenance agreements are flexible. Select mission critical 24/7 service, same-day service, or cost-saving next-day coverage. And if your needs change, add or remove equipment at any time.

Cutting the capital expenditure

Once the manufacturers aren’t responsible for the product anymore, it is essential to get some critical support. EMC Data Domain storage maintenance ensures the longevity of your IT storage systems, which delays the capital expenditures as long as possible. It is done while making sure your equipment is working properly.


When OEMs refuse to assist their customers after the EOSL, there are other ways to seek maintenance and support. Third-party EMC Data Domain maintenance brings many advantages since it increases your IT asset’s longevity. So, take your first step and contact Pre Rack IT today! 

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