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Benefits of Buying Certified Cisco Nexus Switches

Pre Rack IT Offers Certified Cisco Nexus

Certified Cisco Nexus data center hardware provide cutting edge technology built for your budget and delivered in a fraction of the time. Access certified options of the latest data center product Cisco has to offer covered by the same Cisco Warranty and SmartNet Support as buying brand new.

Propel your business forward with modernized IT infrastructure built to support even your most demanding workloads. Priced to lower your total cost of ownership and delivered quickly to help accelerate your networking deployments.

Benefits of Cisco Certified Hardware

Cisco Warranty and SmartNet Support

All Certified Cisco equipment comes with a minimum of 5 Year 8x5xNBD Cisco warranty and can be uplifted to 3, 5 & 7 Year NBD or Mission Critical service levels.

Aggressive Pricing

Certified Cisco equipment is priced from 50-70% off of Cisco list pricing. Stretch your budget further while refreshing to the latest Cisco switch technologies.

Expedited Delivery

Certified Cisco stock can be built, configured, tested and delivered 50% faster than standard distribution. Many orders can ship the same day!

Quality Guarantee

All systems ship fully configured and updated with latest firmware and drivers. All equipment is burn-in tested by Certified Cisco technicians and guaranteed.

Why buy Certified Cisco Nexus? Here are a few good reasons

  1. Certified hardware at pre-owned prices
  2. Configured to order and comes with Cisco’s SmartNet
  3. Build time range from 3 to 5 days, versus ordering through your rep or var it could take weeks or even months

You may ask, where does this hardware come from?

  1. Overstock and Canceled Orders

Pre Rack IT Is Your Trusted Source for Certified Cisco Nexus

Current and legacy generation models are available in any compatible configuration.

Don’t let your IT budget hold back your digital transformation. Pre Rack IT offers a portfolio of modern infrastructure solutions built with cost efficient Certified Cisco Nexus that are tested and optimized for infrastructure.

Reach out to Pre Rack IT today to request pricing or call 404-436-1241.

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