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Pre Rack IT Case Study - Saves Financial Services Company from Catastrophic System Failure

Pre Rack IT Saves Financial Services Company From Catastrophic System Failure


A financial services provider, offering a wide range of investment and banking services to clients, relies heavily on its IT infrastructure to manage its business operations, including data processing, transaction management, and client communications.

One day, the company’s NetApp FAS2750 storage system experienced a catastrophic failure, resulting in the loss of critical business data. The company was unable to access critical files and applications, and its operations ground to a halt.


The financial services provider immediately engaged the services of Pre Rack IT to help recover the lost data and restore the FAS2750 system. Pre Rack IT deployed a team of experienced engineers to diagnose the problem and implement a solution. 

The team found that the system had suffered a hardware failure and that some of the data on the disks had become corrupt. They worked quickly to recover the lost data, using specialized data recovery tools and techniques. The team also replaced the faulty hardware components and reconfigured the system to ensure its stability and reliability.


Thanks to the prompt response and expertise of Pre Rack IT, the financial services provider was able to recover its lost data and restore its FAS2750 system to full operation. The company was able to resume its business operations without any significant disruption or data loss.

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How Can Pre Rack IT Help Your Company

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