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Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Dell PowerVault

The Benefits of Buying Certified Dell PowerVault Hardware

Today, businesses are constantly searching for ways to optimize their IT infrastructure while keeping costs in check. One viable solution that has gained popularity is purchasing Certified Dell hardware, and in this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of buying Certified Dell PowerVault hardware from Pre Rack IT.

Benefits of Dell Certified Hardware

  • Dell Warranty and ProSupport

All Dell Certified equipment comes with a minimum of 5 Year 8x5xNBD Dell warranty and can be uplifted to 3, 5 & 7 Year NBD or Mission Critical service levels.

  • Aggressive Pricing

Dell Certified equipment is priced from 50-70% off of Dell list pricing. Stretch your budget further while refreshing to the latest Dell storage technologies.

  • Expedited Delivery

Dell Certified stock can be built, configured, tested and delivered 50% faster than standard distribution. Many orders can ship the same day!

  • Quality Guarantee

All systems ship fully configured and updated with latest firmware and drivers. All equipment is burn-in tested by Dell Certified technicians and guaranteed.

Current and legacy generation models are available in any compatible configuration with optional uplifted support and licensing options available.

Where does Dell Certified PowerVault hardware come from?

  • Overstock and Cancelled Orders – Completely operational items that have departed from the Dell warehouse and may no longer be marketed as new.
  • Dell Demo – Server hardware that have been provided to customers for demo/presentation intentions, such as trade shows and conferences.

Trust Pre Rack IT for your Certified PowerVault Hardware

Certified Dell PowerVault hardware provides businesses with a cost-effective way to access the benefits of Dell. Certified hardware is significantly cheaper because it is new hardware at pre-owned hardware.

If you are a business that requires a reliable, high-performance server infrastructure, but has a limited budget, then Certified Dell PowerVault hardware is an excellent option to consider. The cost savings, improved performance, and reliability provided by certified hardware can help your business meet its infrastructure needs, without breaking the bank.

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