What is Cisco Meraki

What is Cisco Meraki and How is it Different?

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed technology offering from the renowned network provider Cisco. It simplifies the deployment of modern networks comprised of cloud-controlled wireless access points, security appliances, and switches compared to traditional on-premise management. In addition to the cloud-managed platform for Meraki MS switches, the Cisco Catalyst 9000 line offers an open-source-based cloud networking solution with numerous features and customization options. With their cloud-managed solutions, Meraki users are able to easily manage and scale their deployments through intuitive user interfaces, monitoring diagnostic tools, and optimized in-app troubleshooting processes.

What is Cisco Meraki, and its main features? 

Cisco Meraki is the cloud-managed IT company of choice for many businesses due to its specialties in networking and security. It offers a range of cloud-based services, including the Meraki MS switch series, cloud-managed Wi-Fi access points, firewall systems, client management tools, and cloud-managed physical infrastructure. Cisco Meraki provides businesses with an all-in-one centralized platform to manage their network and security needs allowing them to stay connected efficiently with minimal effort.

Founded by members of the MIT

Cisco Meraki, founded in 2006 by experts from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, is renowned for its Meraki MS cloud-based IT solutions. It provides centralized cloud management capabilities across networks as well as intuitive access to all services offered by Cisco Meraki. These solutions bring scalability along with the ability of automating and simplifying IT operations, enabling customers to focus on their business goals effectively.

Cisco Meraki offers a variety of products.

Cisco Meraki offers a wide range of cutting-edge products and services, with the Meraki MS line being at the top of the list for any IT professional. Among the many features that the Meraki MS series provides are advanced networking and security capabilities, high-performance switching, SD-WAN optimization, analytics-driven insights, and an intuitive network management system that simplifies day-to-day operations. Regardless of whether you need a single router or you’re looking to establish a large-scale network of power switches, access points, and security cameras, Cisco Meraki is just what you need to get your business up and to run quickly.

How does Cisco Meraki compare to other wireless networking solutions?

Cisco Meraki MS is a versatile cloud-managed wireless networking solution that delivers reliable, secure access to applications and data from anywhere. Compared to other options, Meraki MS stands out for its simplified management features, scalability, and technological innovations like device optimization. This all makes it easier to provide employees, customers, and guests with an optimal Wi-Fi experience while keeping networks safe and secure, making Cisco Meraki a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

Ideal for organizations that lack in-house IT staff or experience

Cisco Meraki switches are the perfect reward for any organization lacking staff or experience in IT management. With their simplified designs, MS Meraki switches offer a quick and easy installation process for even the least tech-savvy users. This practical internet management solution simplifies everything from deployment to ongoing maintenance, making it easier for businesses of any size to stay connected and up to date with today’s ever-evolving technologies.

How does Cisco Meraki differ from Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches?

Cisco Meraki differs from the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switch series in regard to the types of technology they offer. 

Switching functions

Whereas the Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches are limited to switching functions such as VLAN setup, port mirroring, and SNMP configuration and have few options for application control or security threats detection. Cisco Meraki merges powerful switching capabilities with sophisticated performance insights to keep networks secure for Meraki products such as Meraki ms. 


Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches are network devices that provide network connectivity, security, and network services to enterprises. Cisco Meraki Switches offer similar performance as the Catalyst 9000 but with much more user-friendly features and better network control capabilities. These switches are uniquely positioned to enable network control customization via intuitive software-based features, including cloud-managed network switch management, enterprise network segmentation, and an advanced security stack. This makes the Meraki Switch ideal for those who are looking for an easy-to-set-up and maintain networking infrastructure solution while still benefiting from Cisco’s excellent networking performance.

Additional features

Cisco Meraki is a network switch that differentiates itself from traditional network switches, such as the widely popular Cisco Catalyst 9000 series. Not only does Meraki provide network switching capabilities, but it also provides additional features like network routing, network security, and network monitoring. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses looking for an all-in-one network architecture to maximize efficiency and scalability. 

Remote management

Additionally, Meraki can be managed remotely with a centralized cloud portal or via an on-premise hardware appliance – providing new levels of convenience and flexibility when configuring large-scale networks. With these enhanced features and flexibility, businesses can see increased reliability and cost savings in their network operations while still relying on trusted Cisco switching technology.

Price point 

Cisco Meraki network switches offer lower price points and scalability compared to the traditional Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches. As network demands increase, so does simplifying network operations. Meraki provides ease of use and cost-effectiveness for network switching requirements. Organizations of all types can benefit from using a more affordable Cisco Meraki network switch vs. the more costly Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches. When configuring a network for increased performance, scalability, and reliability, using Meraki network switching technology is a big plus over competing network switches. With its robust line of network switches, Meraki offers businesses the ability to create secure, high-performance networks without compromising on speed or features.


Cisco Meraki networking equipment provides businesses with a simple and secure approach to managing their networks while also providing flexibility and scalability. This has led to many companies deciding to switch from Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches due to their feature-rich nature and innovative cloud-based solutions. For customers looking for preowned Cisco Meraki switches, Pre Rack IT offers installation and setup services – ensuring that each rig functions correctly and suits the customer’s specific needs. Plus, with the help of State-of-the-Art third-party maintenance services, clients can rest assured that their Meraki switching infrastructure is backed up by professionals dedicated to providing superior service every step of the way. Also, Pre Rack IT’s expertise in the secondary market allows you to access cutting-edge Meraki switches at an affordable price. Contact us today to request a quote or chat with us online!

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