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EMC Unity All Flash Storage Benefits

EMC Unity All-Flash Storage – Design, Working, Benefits

The EMC Unity storage system series simplifies and modernizes the data center. Unity is the most recent addition to EMC’s all-flash portfolio, providing highly cheap file and block storage for small and midsize IT departments. Unity joins EMC’s portfolio of all-flash storage arrays – XtremIO®, VMAX® All Flash, and DSSDTM D5TM – to ensure that EMC has a purpose-built solution for practically any data center use case, regardless of customer requirements.


EMC Unity provides cloud-like proactive management and monitoring via a modern, task-oriented HTML5 interface that guides the user through everyday operations and interacts with VMware and Microsoft ecosystems for easy third-party management. It includes new Proactive AssistTM features designed to enable IT insight, control, and automated management of Unity storage systems. 

EMC Unity establishes a new benchmark for midmarket primary storage systems. Its contemporary architecture is optimized for flash, extensive data services, simplicity, and affordability, all in a 2U form factor. Inline data reduction and high-density SSD technology enhance both performance and value. 

This unified storage supports file and blocks storage, snapshots at specific times, local and distant data replication, and encryption. In addition, you will have extensive connections with the VMware, Microsoft, and OpenStack ecosystems. 

To satisfy the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large and small businesses, the EMC Unity All-Flash product range establishes new storage benchmarks with its compelling simplicity, modern design, flexible deployments, and low prices. EMC Unity All-Flash is for you if you seek raw power and total simplicity in a tiny footprint, are cost-conscious, and require the best from the best. 

It is designed for flash with all-inclusive software and provides a consistent performance with low response times. It is ideal for your diverse applications, unified storage, and Remote-Office-Branch-Office (ROBO) needs. 

IT employees are challenged by the ever-changing requirements of their professions, which includes storage management. They are witnessing unprecedented data expansion, and IT budgets are under great strain. This is especially visible in the midmarket, where IT workers are becoming generalists and wearing multiple hats – managing servers, networking, mobile devices, desktops, virtualization, and storage – and are therefore tremendously stretched out. 

IT generalists demand easy-to-administer storage and provide the all-flash performance required by their applications and users.

State-Of-The-Art Structure

EMC Unity can give up to 300K IOPS with three times the performance of the previous generation of VNX arrays. EMC Unity is designed to provide customers with predictable all-flash performance and enterprise-class functionality, such as: 

  • True dual-active controller architecture 
  • Support for file, block, and VVols 
  • Snapshots and distant synchronization/synchronous replication 
  • Local encryption depending on the controller 
  • New scalable transactional and conventional filesystem 
  • VMware VASA 2.0, VAAI, VVols, VMware-Aware Integration 
  • Full REST-API for DevOps automation application cases 
  • EMC iCDM Integrated Copy Data Management 
  • Zero-impact garbage collection


Unity is designed to provide better flexibility and deployment options than rival data storage solutions, as each business faces its unique storage concerns. EMC Unity can scale up to 3 Petabytes (PB) and 300K IOPS. Unity is the first data storage solution available in all of the following unified configurations for midsized IT: 

  • Purpose-built: Unity is an all-flash array created from the ground up for the flash data center. In addition, you can easily install Unity in a hybrid architecture to accommodate specific business needs. 
  • Software-Defined: UnityVSATM makes it simple to deploy the comprehensive file and block storage and data management capabilities of Unity as a virtual appliance. 
  • Converged: VCE® VblockTM and VxBlockTM System 350 variants are now available.


Data protection should be an inherent aspect of every data storage environment’s design and implementation. Unity provides tight interaction with EMC Data Domain and EMC Data Protection SuiteTM to protect workloads without interruption. 


Unity delivers a new level of affordability on the third-party market for customers deploying hybrid arrays, with costs that are more affordable when compared to other competitors. With a whopping 80TB of all-flash storage in a dense 2U array, Unity provides exceptional, unified storage density.

Key Features

Here is a bird’s eye view of the critical features to better understand what this class of all-flash storage brings.  

  • Mixed workload consolidation onto more economical all-flash arrays that can scale up to 16 petabytes per adequate capacity can result in cost savings. 
  • Trust exudes by knowing that the technology you are utilizing is up to date, cutting edge, and has been proved effective in the business. 
  • Consistent flash performance with low latency for a variety of different workloads 
  • Move all of your mixed workloads (file and block) onto a single solution so that you may streamline your operations. 
  • Completely protected by the data protection options provided by Dell EMC

The EMC Unity family brings better control, security, flexibility, and design enhancements to the system.   

Certified Pre-Owned EMC Unity Solutions

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