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You depend on your EMC Data Domain hardware in your data center. You might have also been caught unprepared when Dell EMC announced its imminent end of service life. Right now, you’re probably wondering, what’s our next move? Should I upgrade to Dell EMC’s replacement? How long would it take to transfer all that data over to a new system, and how is that going to affect our operating budget?

Don’t worry. There’s a solution that doesn’t involve costly, unnecessary upgrades and throwing your data center into chaos. With EMC Data Domain third party support, you can save both money and sanity.


EOSL stands for end of service life. It’s the date on which the manufacturer stops providing support for IT components. In the case of Data Domain models (DD2500, DD4200, DD4500, DD7200, DD9500), that date was October 31st, 2022, which was last quarter.

Why do manufacturers stop supporting their devices? Simply put, it’s all about making money. If your organization doesn’t invest in new hardware periodically, Dell EMC doesn’t turn a profit. So, despite the fact that there’s nothing wrong with your current arrays and the technology in them isn’t remotely outdated, they force obsolescence.


Surprised by the short hardware refresh cycles? You’re not alone. In the last few decades, manufacturers have shortened the lifecycle for enterprise IT equipment. Today, it looks something like this:

Initial Release: For the first few years after the initial release, you get full support from the manufacturer. That offers peace of mind, financial savings, and other benefits.

End of Sale (EOS): After about three years, the manufacturer will announce it is no longer marketing/selling the system. This is the end of sale, or EOS. You will still get support, but the hardware is no longer being manufactured.

End of Availability (EOA): End of availability is another term for end of sale/EOS.

End of Life (EOL): About five years after the product was initially launched, the manufacturer will announce its end of life. At this point, you’ll start paying inflated rates for post-warranty manufacturer support.

End of Service Life (EOSL): At this point, the hardware is fully retired. Unless you already have an extended warranty with the OEM, you won’t be able to attain third party maintenance from the manufacturer anymore. Here’s the thing, though. If your hardware is only six years old, it has plenty of use life remaining. EMC Data Domain third party support can help you unlock that use life.


If you follow Dell EMC’s advice, you’ll retire your storage arrays and invest in something shiny and new. That requires a major outlay of cash, as well as considerable time to make the swap. Data Domain extended support allows you to get around that problem and enjoy some important advantages.

At Pre Rack IT, we know that your IT assets have a lot more value to offer and we’re dedicated to helping you maximize that. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy by working with us include:


It makes little sense to replace your current storage arrays with something newer if there’s nothing functionally wrong with them. After all, your organization shelled out a lot of money for your Data Domain appliances and chances are good that you have yet to maximize that investment. With third party support, you can get years more use out of your hardware and dramatically increase the return on your investment.


Hardware upgrades must eventually be made. There’s no getting around the fact that technology marches on relentlessly, and your arrays will ultimately be outdated. However, there’s no need to rush into the decision. With Data Domain third party support, you gain the time required to vet other options and make an informed decision that supports your organization’s goals.


If it were up to Dell EMC, you would upgrade every three to five years. However, the truth is that your assets have much more life to give. With Pre Rack IT’s third party support, you can extend that by as much as five to 10 years beyond the official end of service life announcement.


Why choose Pre Rack IT for your EMC Data Domain third party support? One reason is access to some of the top engineering talent in the world. We hire our engineers from the same talent pool as Dell EMC, so you never need to worry that you won’t have access to the experience, expertise, and knowledge you need.

Another reason is our global parts depot network. It spans 1,200 different locations, which means that no matter where you’re at in the world, you are never more than about 50 miles from the spares that you need. Of course, we also offer the option of keeping spares on site so fixes are even faster!

Our customizable service level agreements (SLAs) also offer significant benefits. You can dial in the level of service and coverage that you need with four different SLAs, as well as optional add-ons so you’re fully protected.

Finally, we save you money. A lot of it. In fact, we can usually save our clients 70-90% over what they would pay to Dell EMC for an extended warranty.


Don’t wait any longer. Take advantage of our post-warranty support, financial savings, and industry-leading expertise right now. There’s no reason you should be locked into Dell EMC’s rigid refresh cycle. We help you break out. Go ahead and request a free quote now or chat with one of our team members to answer your questions.

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